W1S1 [ˈsʌmθıŋ] pron
1.) used to mean a particular thing when you do not know its name or do not know exactly what it is
→↑anything, everything ↑everything, nothing ↑nothing
There's something in my eye.
Sarah said something about coming over later.
sth new/old/good etc
It's a good car but I'm looking for something newer.
The house was too small so they decided to look for something else (=a different one) .
I think there's something wrong (=a problem) with the phone.
I don't know what he does exactly, but I know it has something to do with computers (=is related to them in some way) .
2.) sth to eat/drink/read/do etc
some food, a drink, a book, an activity etc
Would you like something to drink?
I should take something to read on the plane.
3.) do sth
to do something in order to deal with a problem or difficult situation
Don't just stand there - do something!
do something about
Can you do something about that noise?
4.) sth about sb/sth
used to say that a person, situation etc has a quality or feature that you recognize but you cannot say exactly what it is
(there is) sth different/odd/unusual about sb/sth
There was something rather odd about him.
There's something about her voice that I find really sexy.
5.) ... or sth
spoken used when you cannot remember, or do not think it is necessary to give, another example of something you are mentioning
Her name was Judith, or Julie, or something.
Here's some money. Get yourself a sandwich or something.
6.) sth like 100/2000 etc
close to but not exactly a large amount such as 100, 2000 etc
Something like 50,000 homes are without power.
7.) be thirty-sth/forty-sth etc
used to say that someone is aged between 30 and 39, between 40 and 49 etc when you do not know exactly
8.) be (really/quite) sth
spoken used to say that something is very good and impressive
Running your own company at 21 is really something.
That was really something, wasn't it?
9.) be sth else
spoken to be unusual or funny to other people
You really are something else!
10.) there's sth in/to sth
used to admit that someone's words are true or their ideas are successful etc
They had to concede that there was something in his teaching methods.
Do you think there's something to the rumours about Larry and Sue?
11.) have sth of sth
to have a few of the same features or qualities that someone else has
It was clear that Jenkins had something of his father's brilliance.
12.) be sth of a gardener/an expert etc
to know a lot about something or to be very good at something
Charlie's always been something of an expert on architecture.
13.) sth of a shock/surprise etc
formal used to say that something is a shock, surprise etc, but not completely or not in a strong or severe way
The news came as something of a surprise
14.) a little sth
used when you are telling someone that you have bought them a present
I got you a little something for your birthday.
15.) sixty sth/John sth etc
spoken used when you cannot remember the rest of a number or name
'How much did you spend on groceries?' 'A hundred and twenty something.'
16.) make sth of yourself
to become successful
17.) that's sth
used to say that there is one thing that you should be glad about
At least we have some money left. That's something, isn't it?

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.


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